Margarete Bennet

Margarete Bennet

  • Position: Planner
  • Planner Service: Photography, Wedding Ceremony
  • Experience: 12 Years
  • Address: My Street, Kingston, New York 1240
  • Phone: +00 123 456 987
  • Email:
  • Fax: 568 746 987

Personal Experience

Personal experience isĀ  the direct experience of an individual. This is a type of evidence and storytelling that is commonly used in public speaking, interviews and academic work such as essays and research. Personal experience is typically contrasted with professional experience that results from work. Personal experiences are essentially what we feel and are aware of from moment to moment, often the outstanding events that resonate with us

Greets you with a smile, knows your name, your order, has that order ready for you, and knows that you recently adopted a dog. This experience is interactional. This barista delivers a meaningful end-to-end personal experience unique to you. he barista delivers the same delightful end-to-end customer experience to everyone they serve.



French(fluent), English (fluent), Greek , chinses.

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